Physical Sciences

Physical Sciences Virtual Lab

This is a web-based innovative tool aimed towards learning experimental methods in physical sciences. Scientific learning is primarily experimental. Observations made on natural processes are tabulated, analysed and quantified. Based on these, conceptual models with predictive abilities are developed to investigate mechanisms underlying the observed phenomena. Obviously there is a wide choice available in design of experiments. Here in the virtual lab (VL) we have combined the feel of the actual experiment together with an attempt to teach the concepts behind the experiment. We have provided introductory material in audio/video format as well as texts as user manuals. Our desire is to convey elements of scientific methodology to the students. This VL consists of a diverse set of experiments usually taught at the initial stages of undergraduate learning in physical sciences. Access to this VL empowers the less privileged students in remote areas or in locations not equipped with expensive equipment to experience the thrill of scientific experimentation. Needless to say, this effort needs improvements and feedback from the users is welcome. There is a feedback questionnaire with every experiment that the students and teachers are encouraged to fill up.
* We acknowledge help from the UGC supported Network Program of the Department of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad , in preparing the supplementary realistic video-recorded scenario of the laboratory in some experiments.